Family To Seek Justice As 9-Year-Old Girl Dies Due To Tonsillectomy

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 10, 08:29 am

Tonsillectomy is a common childhood practice wherein 530,000 operations are performed annually. That is why it is so shocking to believe that a 9-year-old girl in Detroit named Anyialah Greer died hours after her 40-minute operation.

The mother, Sonia Gambrell, was devastated and explained that she can't believe her daughter died from such a common practice. Her daughter was operated in Children's Hospital of Michigan, which is owned by Detroit Medical Center (DMC). Now, Gambrell has decided to sue the hospital.

The surgery was done on Dec. 8, after which Greer suffered from cardiac arrest. Autopsy reports were not yet compiled but The Detroit News reported the medical reports suggested some complications that may have put the girl at risk. These complications included an obstructed airway, an undetected heart condition or even anesthesia.

According to Gambrell, it was clear that Greer's condition wasn't stable after the operation. However, Dr. Bianca Siegel, the specialist who performed the surgery discharged the girl. The motive of this wrongful action was exposed when Greer died within hours of her discharge.

James J. Harrington IV, a partner with Fieger Law of Southfield and specializes in medical malpractice, was introduced to the case. According to Fox 2 Detroit, Harrington was furious and accepted the proposal of representing the Detroit family. He was very concerned with the entire situation and was actively participating in the course of the action taking place.

According to Harrington, the actions performed by the Hospital do account for considerable skepticism. He stood by the wrongful discharge and said that Greer's condition cannot be termed as stable if she died hours later.

Moreover, Harrington was fixed over questioning every single person involved in the operation, including nurses and the anesthesiologist. To get to the truth, the arrangements and schedules followed in the OR were to be considered as well.

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