Can Pregnant Women Sleep Better At Night?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 07, 09:21 pm

All new parents have experience inadequate amount of sleep as they take care of their child but even pregnant women have a hard time getting enough sleep, a study discovered. The hormonal changes in expectant women have been identified as the cause for this disruption in their sleeping schedules.

Apart from the hormonal changes, a few other possible factors were also stated by the National Sleep Foundation as to why pregnant women find it hard to sleep properly. These include the worries and anxiety related to their child, the need to use the bathroom quite frequently and heartburn. All these can contribute to insomnia, Baby Center noted.

Nevertheless, there are solutions to this problem and following these useful advice provided by the National Sleep Foundation can help a pregnant woman gets adequate sleep, stated HealthOne way to solve the lack of sleep issue among pregnant women is for them to calm down their nerves.

It is very usual and common to worry about the delivery and the baby but it is unnecessary. It would not help things go smoothly as it will only make one feel more anxious. Such women should take relaxing baths, avoid using the computer or mobile phones before sleeping or ask their spouse for a calming massage.

Heartburn, on the other hand, can be avoided by having smaller meals spread throughout the day instead of full meals only three times a day. Additionally, pregnant women should not go to bed right after eating and they should also avoid eating spicy foods.

One cannot deny the importance of fluids intake during pregnancy but bathroom visits at night can be quite a hassle. As a result, it is suggested to take most beverages at day time to fulfill the recommended limit. 

Meanwhile, it is important for a healthy pregnancy that one should try getting comfortable with the changes in their bodies and find comfortable positions to sleep during the night. So, did you experience having some troubles sleeping when you're pregnant? Please share your experiences below. 

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