Headteacher Sends 20 Students Home For Wearing Inappropriate Uniform In School

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 05, 09:44 pm

Twenty girls were recently sent home from Ebbsfleet Academy in Kent, by their headteacher, Allison Cowell, for not wearing appropriate school uniforms. Parents have raised their voices over social media sites, criticizing the school for this absurd behavior. However, Cowell explained that the students were warned beforehand and the school has a strict policy regarding the dress code, which must be followed.

The news got viral when the headteacher strictly enforced the policy and asked the girls, who were flashing "too much thigh" by wearing short skirts, to leave the campus. It must be mentioned though that they were offered the alternative to borrow a second-hand skirt from the school. These girls were wearing skirts that were less than 5 centimeters above their knees - going against the dress code.

According to Independent UK, defending her actions and the institute, the headteacher said their school has the same rules as any other school but they are just much more stringent and serious about their policies and their enforcement. These twenty students were sent home on the very first day of the new term.

Discussing the parents' behavior, Allison Cowell told The Daily Mail that the parents were pre-informed last term about this rule. She further explained how the parents who oppose the academy's strict implementation of rules, are just a small, curious minority.

Cowell said the majority of the parents support the academy and its rules, citing the academy's brilliant performance. The results from an inspection team, which recently visited the academy, were also cited to back up her claim that the institution is performing really well in all terms.

Parents showed great outburst on Facebook and other social media sites, arguing that the school should be a safe place for children where they feel welcomed. This action was unjustifiable and silly, according to many parents.

For parents, what do you think about the headteacher's decision of sending home some students because if wearing inappropriate school uniforms? Feel free to express your opinions in the comments section below. 

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