Shocking Student-Parent Brawl Breaks Out At High School Basketball Game In Ohio

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 06, 07:44 am

At the end of the Wooster Generals-Lexington Minutemen basketball game, a very ugly fight broke out in the stands and what's so surprising about the incident was the fact that it was initiated by none other than — the parents. The situation was quite appalling because it might have been expected to be ignited by students or teenagers but this undisciplined act came from adults.

The Commissioner of the Cardinal Conference, Ron Dessecker, also expressed deep disapproval and criticism over the shocking incident, as per New York Daily News. He talked about how irresponsible the parents was to ignite such incident. He further said that such brawls often break out at events of various levels across the country. It was downright wrong and hard to deal with, he concluded.

A video of the incident made its way to the internet and now has gone viral. The recording showed a few adults involved in a nasty fight and throwing around some serious punches. The bystanders were also being pushed and shoved aside by the angry mob. Eventually, the brawl spread to the youngsters and they got into the scuffle, turning it into one massive fight.

The cause of the incident has yet to be identified while the question on who started the fight remains unknown. However, The USA Times noted it can be assumed that things turned ugly when team Lexington encountered its first defeat of the season by Wooster. Wooster took the game by 63 when Lexington was only able to score a 41. 

This is believed to have ignited some violent reactions from the fans in the crowd, leading to the emotionally charged and rough fight. No matter what the cause, it is totally unacceptable for adults to be behaving so impulsively as it caused a lot of disturbance and mismanagement during the game.

So, what are your thoughts on the massive brawl at an Ohio basketball game? Feel free to sound off below. 

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