Hugh Dancy Reveals When 'Hannibal' Season 4 Could Return On Television

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald January 10, 11:25 pm

"Hannibal" star Hugh Dancy has hopes that the show will still get a fourth season. But the actor has a different idea of when this could happen, as opposed to the series creator's ideas.

Speaking with TV Line, Dancy believes that "Hannibal" Season 4 could still come back to television in "four or five years." He also believes that this would be an ideal time for a revival following its cancellation last August 2015.

"It's such a strange idea," Dancy said about the show's return. "But it's potentially very healthy for a story like that," he added. He also welcomed the idea of coming back to the set and touching base with his fellow actors after that short gap in filming.

Revival talks about the psychological drama started last January when showrunner Bryan Fuller revealed that the cast of "Hannibal" with Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are still on board going back to work on the series. He suggested that the show isn't technically dead. He also has an idea of what will likely be tackled in the season, should it return.

In a podcast show with Shock Wave, Fuller said that "Hannibal" could mark the beginnings of the "Silence of the Lambs" story that was turned into a hit movie with Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. "There's a lot of interesting nooks and crannies to explore in a television series," he said.

But if and when "Hannibal" returns it will likely become an event series or mini-series. It will also likely include a short season composed of only six to eight episodes.

"Hannibal" is about the ties between psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mikkelsen) and FBI's criminal profiler Will Graham (Dancy) who would become each others greatest nemesis. It is based off the book series that Thomas Harris published in the '80s.

"Hannibal" aired on NBC and was well-received by critics and award-giving bodies, as well as its cult following of fans. It failed, however, to draw in ratings among regular viewers as it averaged only less than 3 million to 1.5 million viewers per season, thus the network decided to pull the plug.

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