The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness On University Students

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald January 11, 04:00 am

University student mental health is starting to reach new heights as it was reported that several states are pushing their efforts in providing mental health campaigns on college campuses. Mental health concerns should be attended to and taken seriously as it can lead to a more serious dilemma including anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

University mental health campaigns are tagged as something important as students spend the majority of their time in school. There are countless factors as to why each individual would come across mental health concerns, which makes it important for universities to push for mental health assistance as stress and pressure can possibly trigger anxiety and depression.

"I don't think we should demonize an entire generation as reliant and narcissistic," William Pang, a second-year student at McGill University in Montreal wrote in his letter for NYT op-ed entitled, "The Season to be Stressful." "We should instead celebrate a generation that is coming to realize the importance of initiating conversations about our mental health."

Pang may have openly expressed his fears and anxiety. But Psychology Today noted that he received countless backlash, most of which urged him to "toughen up" and act like a mature adult in terms of facing his anxiety struggles.

The stigma on mental health and its correlation to weakness need to be stopped as it caused the individual to straggle more. Mental health facilities and awareness around the campus are among the best ways to stop the stigma.

The Medscape Journal of Medicine pointed out that World Health Organization released a statistic where it was pointed out that mental disorders are the primary and most common cause of disability among the youth. If left untreated and neglected, mental health disorders could have a long-term impact on the child, which can lead to depression, and eventually suicide.

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