Bonding Time With Kids Makes Dads More Sympathetic Towards Parenting

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald January 11, 08:24 am

Most dads are so busy making a living that they barely see their kids anymore. Some leave the house early even before the kids wake up while others get home when their children are already asleep. Most dads practically no longer see their kids because they fall under the two scenarios.

Some dads consider themselves mere providers who can no longer be forced to spend time with kids or even help moms in the parenting business. There are few dads who make an effort to take over parenting duties from their wives even for just a few hours. Those who have spent just two weeks with their kids, doing what their wives normally do, wonder how their wives survived all these years.

One dad went on a holiday with his family for two weeks to spend some quality time with them, according to Pop Sugar. After the holiday, this dad came home with a totally new perspective of parenting. He even came home with a new-found admiration for his wife and what she has been through all these years.

Pregnant women have always been at the forefront because of their emotional ups and downs, as per Kids Health. Very little attention is given to dads who also have some concerns about parenting. Most moms seem to be emotionally and physically capable of handling parenthood but dads are another matter.

A global research review published by Fatherhood Institute two years ago identified the involvement of fathers in parenting, especially during the first eight years of the lives of their children. According to Fatherhood Institute, there were many programs about mothers and children but very few focused on fathers.

With that said, researchers found fathers rarely get involved in parenting because they are rarely invited to participate. Experts added the culture has made the father's role in parenthood less significant.

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