Brad Pitt Surprised Crowd With Golden Globes Appearance Despite Going Through Divorce And Custody Battles

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald January 11, 08:06 pm

Brad Pitt was recently making headlines after staying off the spotlight all throughout his divorce and custody battle with ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. Pitt stunned the crowd with his speech for "Moonlight," where he got a standing ovation. 

Pitt made his first public appearance after his divorce battle erupted during the screening of "Moonlight" in Los Angeles. The actor remained mum about his divorce and custody battle with Jolie but he surprised the crowd with his speech when "Moonlight" won the Best Picture category at the Golden Globes. 

"It's born of the courage of a group of actors willing to strip to their sounds and express their humanism inside mistake and misstep and misdeed," Pitt stated during his speech, as reported in People. "It is Barry Jenkins profound belief that we all stand at the threshold of change and forgiveness where we only grant acceptance and love to ourselves. Nominated for 6 Golden Globes, this is Moonlight."

Jolie filed for divorce in September last year and the couple's relationship and personal lives were then at stake as it turned into a media frenzy. Not only was the couple affected by the split but six of their children were bought into the havoc of the divorce process as well.

The impact of divorce per family varies but most of which creates a negative connotation on children that they will be forced to live their lives in between. Divorce can also be an emotional burden among young children as they would be placed in a situation where they would have to be divided among both parents.

Psychology Today explained that it may be hard to make a child understand the concept of divorce. It might even appear stressful, especially when the child sees both parents lost their passion for each other. It can even leave the child with anxious thoughts, as they will feel skeptical about the permanent change that is bound to happen.

It is important for parents to take time and talk to their children, despite the separation, parents should make their children feel loved. Talking to experts about the child's well-being after divorce can also be beneficial.

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