Sally Faulkner’s GoFundMe Page Tries To Raise $20,000 To Bring Her Kids Home From Lebanon

Controversial Australian mother Sally Faulkner is trying to bring home her kids after the Lebanon abduction scandal. She needs money to do this and is eyeing her GoFundMe page to raise $20,000 for that purpose.

Faulkner made $150,000 from her controversial arrest memoirs. But she has spent the money for debt repayments and legal fees.

Faulkner is a mother to four-year-old Noah and six-year-old Lahela. Her attempt to abduct her children from their father Ali Elamine in Lebanon proved futile as she ended up in jail.

"These are MY babies I gave birth too and I will simply just NOT give up on them having their right to their mother," Faulkner posted on her Facebook page. "At one stage I had three sets of lawyers working on three different sets of legal issues."

Faulker is currently back in Australia without her children. What's worse, however, is the fact that she has agreed to drop custody claims and divorce her husband, in exchange for her freedom from the Lebanon jail. Faulkner now lives with her mother, according to Yahoo! News.

Despite the circumstances, Faulkner intends to bring back her two children by any means after the kidnap saga despite her financial status, noted. Tanya White, Faulkner's friend, set up the GoFundMe page for her so she could fund her legal battle against her husband who brought their children to Lebanon in the guise of a holiday but never came back.

Meanwhile, Faulkner said the safety of her children is a big concern for her right now as she has not spoken to them in more than six months and they have been dumped into the war-torn Middle East, as per Mercury. The kids were left in the care of her estranged husband's mother who can only speak Arabic, making communication with the children impossible.

Faulkner also slammed the Australian government for not doing anything to help her in her battle. So, what are your thoughts on Faulkner's case? Sound off below.

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