Mom Talks About Importance Of Vaccination After Tragic Death Of Baby

The debate on the advantages and disadvantages of vaccination is not only a medical one. Today, the issue has become driven by both emotions and social biases. But whether or not a parent is a pro or against vaccination, such decision will have a significant effect on the health of their children.

One mother's heartbreaking story stressed the impact of immunization, not only on the children but their parents as well. A mother used Reddit to post her grief on the death of her baby girl named Emily two years ago.

It all started when Emily got sick when was just eight months old and was too young to get an MMR shot. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that the first dose of measles vaccine should be given to a child at 12 months old.

Emily was brought to the hospital and stayed there until her condition got worse, according to Daily Mirror. She was diagnosed with measles encephalitis and eventually died after a few days. After a few days, the mother found out through the social media that her daughter's babysitter was against immunization. Worse, she admitted that her own son was sick at the same time she watched over Emily.

A majority of United Kingdom parents have opted to vaccinate their children even if it is not a legal requirement in the country, as per nidirect. There are vaccines that can fight diseases like pneumococcal infection, rotavirus and polio. The immune system of children needs the vaccine so they get protection against these illnesses.

There are many misconceptions about vaccination, according to Vaccines. But parents should take time to get know the basic information about it and the vaccination process so they are able to make intelligent decisions on the issue. The online world provides a host of information about this medical issue so ignorance should never be an excuse.

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