16-Year-Old Antioch Shooting Suspects Kill Two Other Teenagers, Face Homicide Charges

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 17, 05:05 am

Two teens were shot dead in Antioch and the reports said that two teenagers were identified as the suspects. The suspects were said to be both 16-year-olds.

Homicide investigators said the two teenagers were killed on Saturday afternoon at the 700 block of Piccadilly Row. The two teenage suspects were identified as Anthony D. Sinor and Mitchell Mann. They were charged with two counts of criminal homicide in the shooting, WBRC Fox 6 News reported. The victims, on the other hand, were identified as 15-year-old Jonathan Martinez and 16-year-old Eduardo Trejo.

The authorities believed Sinor conspired with Mann to lure Trejo to the home where the teens were killed. Trejo was suspected of burglarizing the home where he was shot and killed. Trejo then showed up with Martinez and they were fatally shot on the back deck of the home of Sinor.

Sinor made a 911 call at around 4:30 p.m. and reported there was a shooting but it happened during a robbery. The police came to the home and recovered an automatic pistol, which was believed to have been used in the shooting. Mann was no longer in the scene as he fled the area before authorities came.

Eventually, Sinor admitted there was no attempted robbery while Mann turned himself in on Saturday evening. Both teenagers were held at a juvenile detention center, News Channel 5 Network reported.

It was unclear how Sinor and Mann knew each other and if they were related or connected to Martinez and Trejo before the shooting. It was also unconfirmed if Trejo really robbed Sinor's home of Sinor prior to the shooting as the investigation is still ongoing.

Violence in the area has been significantly reduced by the authorities last year. The investigation is yet to determine how the parties got hold of a gun or if there was a prior altercation among them and if they exchanged words before the shooting took place. Authorities believe it is an isolated matter and is not an issue believed to escalate or target other individuals.

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