Medical Marijuana In Schools: Families Lobby For Cannabis In Washington Schools, Lawmakers Push For Legalization

Cannabis use in the state of Washington has been legalized for years but amendments are currently being reviewed. One of these is for allowing medical marijuana in Washington schools and families are lobbying to get it signed.

Some 50 children are registered in the state's database that allows them to use medical marijuana to treat various conditions. The problem, however, is that they cannot take their medication in school.

Dad John Barclay's daughter, River, uses medical marijuana to control her seizures. She developed her condition at the age of 4-years-old and none of the pharmaceutical drugs worked to ease it.

The family discovered that CBD oil, which is derived from marijuana but has low THC levels, can treat her symptoms faster and more efficiently without the common effects of being high. Barclay would usually fetch River in school in the middle of the day so that she can have her cookies with CBD oil at home.

But the whole routine ends up disrupting River's school activities, thus she sometimes misses classes, according to KBKW. Allowing medical marijuana in schools could help save time and families won't have to worry about their children's seizure episodes since they can bring CBD oil regularly.

"This would allow me to be with her in a private office without any of the staff being there," Barclay said, King 5 reports. "I would just give her a cookie, and say 'have a good day."

Rep. Brian Blake is sponsoring HB 1060 in Congress while SB 5290 is also under review in the Senate. If approved, these bills would override federal laws that prohibit medical marijuana in schools. Currently, Colorado and New Jersey have similar laws in place.

Reports say that politicians from both parties are sympathetic to these bills. Lobbyists are optimistic that lawmakers will approve medical marijuana in Washington schools.

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