Baby Skin Care: Heat Rashes Are Most Common In Babies In Summer

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 26, 02:25 pm

In summers it is very easy for rashes to occur on the soft and sensitive skin of babies. The types of rashes that babies can have are numerous. The most frequently occurring one is a heat rash which is usually followed by a high fever and does not come down with ease.

Also called "prickly heat" and "miliaria," a heat rash can develop because of high temperature and humidity in the weather. The body of a baby begins to sweat a lot in order to maintain a normal internal temperature in this environment.

Due to the high amount of sweat produced, however, there is a slight delay in its evaporation from the skin which causes irritation and eventually turns into a rash. This can also block the sweat ducts. According to News Medical, heat rashes are the most common in babies as their skin has many folds.

A heat rash looks like small blisters which form in one spot on the body. These spots look red as compared to the skin around them.

Due to these easily identified symptoms, heat rash can be quickly detected. These rashes occur most commonly on the neck, elbows, knee creases and the groin area.

Heat rashes can also occur on those areas of the body which are covered by tightly worn clothing. Sweating and itching can also accompany the pimples and redness, added WebMD.

If the case of a heat rash is not severe it does not need any treatment. Severe cases causing great irritation can be treated by numerous ways. Applying hydrocortisone cream can ease the irritation. This can be coupled with an antihistamine syrup.

Cool fluids and cold compressors can also relieve the itch. For children especially, only those ointments, gels and creams should be used which are prescribed by the doctor.

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