Donald Trump Orders Border Wall Construction; How Will It Impact Higher Education And Families?

President Donald Trump has signed a new executive order on Wednesday, Jan. 25, fulfilling a campaign promise. He wants the construction of the U.S.-Mexican border wall to begin, believing this will solve America's problems with illegal immigrants.

Initially believed to be a symbolic stance against illegals, the new president of the United State wants the construction to start immediately, according to CNN. Aside from the wall, Trump has also ordered the addition of border patrols and immigration officers to strictly implement deportation. The move, however, is drawing criticisms because of how Trump's immigration policy will impact many families and sectors, including higher education.

Many students from Mexico have come to the United States via Texas as young children and have benefited from President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. It allowed them to attend high schools and colleges even while their immigration papers remain under processes. 

The past administration has also forged a good relationship with Mexico when it comes to higher education. Public and private partnerships exist between the two countries to help young students avail of college grants in America and in Mexico, Inside Higher Ed reports.

When Trump announced his border plans during the elections, the worry was that these opportunities for immigrants and several others will be stripped, or that some students will be deported. For now, however, these programs are still in effect.

"Higher education institutions are committed to continue the dialogue and promote cross-border collaboration," educator Fernando León García told the news outlet. But the questions and uncertainties remain -- how long before it won't work anymore?

Then there are also students coming from Mexico who commute to their Texas schools on a regular basis and endure the two-hour process at the borders. It's still unclear what potential problems will impact these students when the wall is finished.

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