Act Of Kindness: Musician Amy Grant's Daughter Gloria Mills Chapman Donates Kidney To Best Friend

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 27, 04:30 am

The daughter of singer Amy Grant donated one of her kidneys to her best friend. This gained international news in the United States.

The daughter of Grant, Gloria Mills Chapman, is the second child of Grant with her former husband, Gary Chapman, who is also a singer and a songwriter, ABC News reported. The operation took place on Tuesday. The 27-year-old is recovering from the operation.  

Gary took to Facebook to ask others to pray for his daughter and noted he is so proud of her and her selfless act. He added in another post on Facebook, "She'll be hurting for awhile but healing is underway."

Reports say the best friend of Gloria, Kathryn Dudley, received the kidney and they knew each other their entire lives. Dudley was diagnosed with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis at the age of 13. She was on the transplant list since 2014. As of January this year, almost 122,000 people were on the transplant list.

10 News also reported the best friends are still in the hospital and if there will be no complications, the two will be out of the hospital before the week ends. The average wait time for parents needing organ transplant is around three to five years.

The National Kidney Foundation also said although there are risks regarding people donating a kidney they usually continue to live a normal and healthy life. Also, more than a dozen people die each day as they wait for an organ for their kidney transplant.

Grant's manager, Jennifer Cooke, posted a photo of the singer in the hospital's waiting room on Tuesday. Cooke wrote in the caption that Grant is grateful to hear the surgery went well. Grant also posted a message to her daughter saying that she is proud of Gloria's selfless act of friendship.

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