Are Same-Sex Parents Violating Children's Rights By Having Surrogate Babies?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald January 31, 04:00 am

Same-sex parents who long to have babies through a surrogate or with the help of science are welcomed and accepted in a world where equality, inclusivism and tolerance are considered progressive. The fertility industry thrives partly because of a growing list of clients who long to become parents via this route.

Katy Faust of the Federalist, however, raises an interesting question about children's rights and surrogate babies as opposed to the rights of a marginalized group of gays or lesbians. In wanting to fulfill their right to become parents, are they violating the rights of children?

Faust cites the emotional story of two men, Cliff Hastings and Ron Hoppe-Hastings, who went through the grueling process of surrogacy, as published in the Duluth News Tribune. The piece highlighted how the chances of a successful IVF procedure are small and that like every parent, the Hastings and their surrogate had a series of failures.

Faust notes, however, that while the coverage gave a good picture of a couple whose ultimate desire is to give a child a good life, the article failed to highlight the potential children's rights violations that have taken place. No one is writing or talking about a child's perspective in a surrogate pregnancy.

Faust further lists that the fertility industry has made babies into commodities by offering such services to people who cannot, or do not want, to conceive in the traditional way. She compared parents "commissioning" to have children to that of individuals picking a car, house or similar investments.

She also said that babies conceive via surrogacy are robbed of their right to have a heritage and a proper biological identity or genetics. She also enumerated that surrogate babies are open to risks during the pregnancy that even the surrogate mom's rights might also be violated.

Faust suggests parents considering surrogacy to think long and hard about the child's rights before entering into any agreement. The impact of a child's birth via surrogacy might be something that he or she will carry for life. Are same-sex parents ready to address this when the time comes?

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