Pregnancy In Older Women: How To Prepare Your Body And Mind For Having A Baby

It is ironic that women try their best not to get pregnant when they are much younger, only to realize they would spend twice the effort just to get pregnant later on in life. Age can be an important factor in pregnancy but even older women can still hope to get pregnant by following some of these tips.

An older woman who wants to get pregnant should prepare her body and mind for fertility and later on for pregnancy. It is best to see a doctor before trying to get pregnant, especially if she has been using pills or other birth control methods for a while. Some doctors would recommend a few months of being free from contraceptives before attempting to get pregnant.

It is best to stop smoking and stay away from second-hand smoke while trying to get pregnant, according to Fox News. Some women vow to stop smoking only when they get pregnant, not knowing that nicotine can affect their fertility. It can also damage a man's DNA sperm so this should be a two-way street for the couple.

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, a Beverly Hills OB-GYN, said smoking also increases the risk for placental dysfunction and restriction in the growth of the fetus. A woman's ovaries can also age by up to four years for every year she smokes. Worse, it takes longer for a smoker to get pregnant compared to non-smokers.

It is also important to check one's family history for some fertility or other related problems, as per The Telegraph. A couple trying to get pregnant should be faithful to each other since infection can affect conception.

Avoid stress as much as possible since the body can perceive a person's state of mind. Learn more about trying to conceive in the video below.

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