Utah Moms Form Solid Friendship Under Unusual Circumstance: Their 4-Year-Old Girls Have Same Type Of Cancer

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 02, 04:00 am

Two mothers have forged a friendship in the most unexpected way. They found out they live close to each other in a small town in Lehi, Utah and have 4-year-old daughters. Their girls, however, have been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a type of cancer in the blood and it's what has bonded them together.

Mom Cora Morgan, 34, found out that her little girl Harper had ALL in November 2016. When mom Korinne Roberts, 30, learned about their predicament through a common friend, she reached out to Morgan because she knew just what she was going through, Today reports. Roberts' daughter Livvi was diagnosed with ALL in March 2016.

"Korinne sent me a message that night asking what she could do to help and shared some of her experiences with Livvi," Morgan told the news outlet. Roberts would go on to tell Morgan how the first month after the diagnosis became the hardest but Morgan saw hope through her new friend who still had three other kids to raise.

The girls would soon have treatments in the same clinic accompanied by their moms, according to WhoTV. So far, they are responding well to the medications and the maintenance programs but there still challenges ahead for both families.

Roberts told Herald Extra that Livvi shut down socially after getting the diagnosis, in the same way that Harper hasn't been able to make friends in school. Going to clinics for treatments regularly isn't normal for a 4-year-old and the families had to make a complete lifestyle change as ALL makes the immune systems vulnerable to germs and virus.

"Our biggest hurdle over the last 10 months has been to pull [Livvi's] personality out of her," Roberts said. But the moms are pleased the girls have each other and the families cope together despite the challenging situation.

"She makes me feel like what I'm going through is somewhat normal, in a weird way," Morgan said of Roberts. "It's so nice to have someone understands you and has been through the exact same thing you are going through," Roberts said.

ALL is a common cancer affecting children. It happens when the bone marrow produces more white blood cells called lymphocytes, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Kids with ALL bruise easily and may frequently suffer from joint pains, weakness, fever and appetite loss. They might also have lumps and petechiae or dark red spots that can lead to bleeding.

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