Special Needs Kid Beaten At School, Mother Calling On Pasco County School District For Policy Changes

The mother of a special needs kid, who was beaten in school, is seeking answers. She is demanding why she was never notified about her son being involved in a fight. The mom is also calling for policy changes in the Pasco County School District.

Monica Uplegger, the mother of 13-year-old special needs kid Logan Arthur, said her son was beaten while he was trying to catch the bus home. It is believed that he also never got medical treatment from the injuries he received from the beating. The teen said the attacker got on top of him and started punching him in the face while he was in the Smith Middle School bus loop on Monday.

10 News reported the teenager was taken to the Emergency Room with a concussion. He is said to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Operational Defiance Disorder (ODD) and Asperger's Syndrome. The boy talked about the incident at his Emotional Behavioral Disabilities class saying the attacker kept pushing him while he kept walking and he hit his head on the concrete.

Two administrators and other staff members at Smith Middle broke up the fight and said they did not see injuries. They also asked the boys if they wanted to get checked or if they want their parents to be called.

The boys, however, declined and school leaders said they believe the teens are old enough to speak if they needed anything after the brawl. The district claims the workers followed school policy regarding not making the boys get medical attention.

"On a normal child, maybe, but we're talking special needs," the mother insisted.  "It's swelling. They should've had him checked out and called me, but they didn't. It just scares me."

Uplegger added her son was taken to the hospital almost two hours after the brawl and it was found out that he had a minor concussion. She noted it could be the death of another child since the time was too long before her son was given medical attention.

Just recently, KY3 reported about a video showing a football player at the Southwest Baptist University punching a young boy with special needs. The home is run by a group called Home Court advantage.

The attacker said the boy threatened the staff and went to get a weapon that is why he tried to stop the child. He said he should not have reacted the way he did. The incident was under investigation and the attacker was removed from the home.

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