New Moms Dealing With Post-Pregnancy Pain Try Latest Health Craze -- What Is Otonamaki? [VIDEO]

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 07, 04:00 am

New mothers experiencing body pains post-pregnancy are trying out the latest health craze. Otonamaki, which is growing popular in Japan, has moms willingly letting themselves be wrapped inside a white cloth. The swaddling technique is supposed to relieve bad back, shoulder stiffness, as well as joint and hip problems.

According to The Sun, Otonamaki, which is also known as adult wrapping, is supposed to mimic how babies feel when they are swaddled. It might look odd for adults but one mom said that being inside the swaddle gave her a "warm feeling."

During the sessions, moms are bundled up in a wide but thin white cloth as they lie down and curl at a certain position on a cushion. A staff then rocks the moms back and forth for at least 15 to 20 minutes. The health craze is also becoming popular among Japanese workers who spend long hours in the office and thus suffering from different body pains.

"It looks cramped but it doesn't feel tight at all," one person who has been doing Otonamaki told BBC. "Afterwards I felt an improvement in my shoulders and back." Another fan of the technique said that she felt so good being swaddled that she almost wanted to go to sleep.

Otonamaki was developed by Nobuko Watanabe, a midwife who wanted to help mothers by providing an alternative to massage or physical therapy. The technique, however, is drawing criticism from chiropractors.

"I just can't think of how people can benefit from this even as a form of reflexology or exercise," Shiro Oba of Akasaka Chiropractics said, according to Business Insider. If moms are having problems with their body after birth, Oba advised them to see a doctor to get the proper treatment.

What do you think of this health craze? Do you think there are benefits to Otonamaki? Would you try it yourself? Sound off in the comments below!

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