'Hacksaw Ridge' Actress Teresa Palmer Loves Messy Parenting, Postpartum Challenges

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 06, 04:00 am

"Hacksaw Ridge" actress Teresa Palmer, 30, has given birth to her second child, Forest, seven weeks ago and things back home have not returned to normal. Despite struggling with the challenges of having a new baby, however, the actress said she embraces messy parenting and other postpartum issues.

Along with a 7-week old baby, Palmer and husband Mark Webber are also raising 2-year-old Bodhi and 8-year-old Isaac, Webber's first child from a previous relationship. There have been countless of sleepless nights with a bed full of noisy children, the actress admitted on her blog, Your Zen Mama.

"The beauty in the chaos is my favorite thing and I wouldn't change the messiness of it at all," the actress wrote. Her mindset is that the chaos in her household isn't something to be stressed over. "I just try to be very present and just enjoy each of them and meet them where they are at," she said.

In a separate video blog, the actress also admitted she had an exhausting first few weeks when Forest arrived and the family took a trip to visit her hometown in Australia. "Man the juggle is real!" Palmer remarked, according to Daily Mail. "Three kids right now is no joke but I love it all craziness of it!"

On top of taking care of kids, Palmer has her work obligations. She and her husband went to numerous awards shows and parties these past months as her latest movie has been receiving honors from different organizations left and right.

She had to breastfeed Forest in the middle of attending the recent Golden Globes, which was her first trip to the awards event. The actress said, however, she is determined to be a working mother raising young little children. "[I want to] connect my two greatest dreams and not have to choose one but to be able to choose to do both," she wrote on her blog.

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