Education Technology Helps Create A Diverse And Global American Education System For Students' Gains

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 08, 04:00 am

The benefits of adapting education technology in schools in America isn't just about keeping pace with the digital world or modern advances. It's also about learning to use technology for greater gains among students.

One of the best things that have come from education technology is the use of the internet. Today's learners are dabbling in a diverse and global environment because resources such as access to the online world have been made available.

With the world opened up to students through the power of the World Wide Web, young people are learning more about current events in a pace faster than a traditional school environment. In the same manner, professors are also learning about the world with their students, according to Chaffey Breeze.  

Education technology has also made it possible for institutions to develop better curriculum and online courses that tackle specific interests or collaborate with other schools. Thus, opportunities for diversified education is also ever-present and enhanced.

For instance, the Michigan State University (MSU), the University of Michigan and Bard College has opened an online class on "Contested Spaces: Art, Architecture, Politics," according to MSU Today. This would not have been made possible if not for education technology.

"The most striking thing has been the way the website allows us to have a kind of expanded classroom," Professor Tessa Paneth-Pollak of MSU said. "The students have a natural curiosity about what they call their 'virtual classmates' and the differences between their college experiences," she added.

Education technology not only makes kids more globally competent but also innovative collaborators. As they discover more about the world, they also learn to make use of the tools and its features to develop and improve concepts or ideas that become actual programs, projects or products that could change the world.

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