Parenting An Adopted Child: Experts Recommend A Different Parenting Style To Establish Attachment And Connection

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald February 13, 02:54 pm

Should a different parenting style be applied when it comes to adopted children? Experts say that some of these kids go through struggles in their daily lives and in their relationships with other people because of their early experiences. Thus, parents of adopted children should be more sensitive to their needs and difficulties.

The right parenting balance can be challenging for moms or dads who want to raise adopted kids. The difficulties of raising adopted children, however, can be rewarding in the long term when done properly.

Adopted children usually suffer from the trauma of neglect and even abuse, according to Adoption UK. Being separated from their real family at some point and then spending time under the care system can be stressful for the kids. They usually have the tendency to feel unsafe and alone.

Parents should determine early on when to tell their kids that they are adopted, as per Parents. Adoption workers recommend that the word adoption should be used as early as possible so it becomes part of the vocabulary of the child and he becomes comfortable with it. They also suggest that the adoption revelation should be done when the child is between 2 to 4-years-old.

Adopted children might suffer from feelings of being deprived both psychologically and emotionally, according to Family Life. Some have been observed to exhibit behaviors that are usually seen in kids with attachment disorder. Parents who intend to adopt kids should learn the attachment process, as per Simple Psychology, during the child's early years as this is crucial in the formation of a bond between parent and child.

By understanding the emotions being felt by an adopted child, parents will be able to create an environment that will show their son or daughter that they are welcome as the newest member of the family. It is important to build attachment and a connection between the adopted child and the parent if they are to have a successful relationship later on.

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