Best TV Shows For Preschoolers? Expert Says Not All Cartoons Are Good, Describes 'Peppa Pig' As 'Selfish And Manipulative'

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 15, 04:00 am

When it comes to choosing the best TV show for preschoolers, an expert said that parents have to look into learning more than the entertainment value. Popular shows like "Peppa Pig" could have characters that appeal to young children but what the kids watch might not offer positive lessons.

Professor Manya Whitaker of the Colorado College said parents should pay attention to the TV shows their preschoolers are watching. Most cartoons today feature animals interacting with humans and such a dynamic is effective in hooking the kids.

Parents, however, should practice caution and discernment when letting their children watch these types of preschool TV shows. Even in the absence of violence or bad language, moms and dads should also look into the characters the kids are drawn to.

The preschool series "Peppa Pig," for instance, has many young viewers but the character itself is mean and disobedient. "Peppa is selfish and manipulative," Whitaker said, according to Fox 21 News. The pink adorable-looking pig actually teaches kids aggression without necessarily being physical with someone.

The expert said that cartoons that let the kids interact have more learning value. She recommended "Sesame Street," "The Magic School Bus," "Dora the Explorer," "Doc McStuffins" and "Little Einsteins." Aside from "Peppa Pig," she also doesn't recommend "Spongebob," "Teletubbies," "Calliou" and "Arthur."

Parents' Choice Awards recently announced its best TV picks for children for 2017. For preschoolers, the group cited "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood," "The Stinky & Dirty Show" and "Peg + Cat" with the gold medal. The complete list, including shows for big kids and teenagers, is on their official site.

According to Healthy Children, all TV shows for children are designed to be educational but that doesn't mean the content is appropriate. By taking an active part in what they watch, parents can help their young brains develop better.

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