Child Obesity, Mom-Shaming: Kindergarten Teacher Sends Mom Note For Packing Cake In School Lunch

Child obesity is a prevalent global problem. One kindergarten teacher thought she could remind a student's mom about this by sending a note about packing cake for school lunch. The note, however, has gone viral as many thought the teacher was mom-shaming.

Melinda Tankard Reist of Australia shared the teacher's note on Facebook. It came from a friend who packed a slice of chocolate cake for her daughter's school lunch.

The note said to "choose healthier options" when it came to packing food for kindergarteners, considering cake is full of sugar. The note had a big red sad face on it.

According to Fox News, cake slices are under the "Red Food Category" for containing added sugar, salt and saturated fat in its ingredients. It goes against the guidelines for healthy food and drinks for school, based on Australia's Department of Health.

Some said, however, that the teacher overstepped in sending the mom a shaming reminder as it was just one slice of cake for an occasional treat for lunch. Tankard Reist told Little Things that the child's parents were actually health-conscious and have health science degrees. "The slice was homemade for her brother's birthday and as per family tradition, leftovers went to school the next day," she said.

Following what she posted on Facebook, moms divulged that they have received similar notes from their children's teachers as well and while it's good for the school to show concern, it's not right to shame the parent. Tankard Reist also wrote on ABC Australia that anti-obesity messages such as the note her friend received are "causing food anxiety and contributing to disordered eating behavior in children."

Was the teacher stepping out of line in your opinion? What's your say about this issue? Sound off in the comments below!

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