Lily Allen Creates New Song About Motherhood; Talks Stillborn Son, PTSD After Troll Attacks On Twitter

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 27, 04:00 am

Lily Allen is set to release a new album and one song is about motherhood. The "Smile" singer has written a track for her two daughters and she has been teasing this on social media.

Allen's new song has been inspired by daughters Ethel, 5, and Marnie, 4, according to The List. It's told from her children's perspective, where the little ones ask their mother to stay home and play with them instead of going on another tour for her music.

Mark Ronson has collaborated with Allen on this latest album and confirmed the new song has "heartbreaking lyrics." Allen has been sharing portions of the song on Snapchat along with other materials. She also has another song written about Twitter trolls who often attack her parenting style on the social media platform.

Only recently, the singer has received vitriol from trolls on Twitter after revealing details about her stillborn son. Allen said she suffered from PTSD months after she lost her baby in 2010 but the netizens blamed her for his death.

According to BBC, Allen was exchanging messages with someone attacking her political beliefs on the social networking platform when the subject of her PTSD came up. She revealed it happened when she gave birth to a stillborn baby when she was six months pregnant.

"I went into early labor and my son died from his cord wrapped around his neck," the singer wrote on Twitter. "The baby knew you were going to be such a horrible mother," the troll snapped back and some users also said she killed her son because of drug addiction.

The social networking site has already suspended the troll's account, according to Daily Mirror. Allen, meanwhile, has temporarily let someone take control of Twitter for her account.

Allen, 31, married Sam Cooper in 2011. Three pregnancies and two kids later, the couple separated in 2015.

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