Amid Casey Affleck's Best Actor Backlash, He Spills Regrets About Not Thanking Kids In Acceptance Speech

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald February 28, 03:54 am

There has been a lot of fuss over Casey Affleck for past sexual harassment allegations. This has become a full-blown hot topic once again after the actor won many awards this season, including the latest Best Actor win at the Academy Awards Sunday. Amid the controversy and the backlash, Affleck said the one thing he regrets was he did not thank his kids when he gave his acceptance speech.

E! News caught up with Affleck after the Oscar awards night and said he failed to thank the two very important people in his life. In his acceptance speech, he only thanked his parents, girlfriend, superstar brother Ben, co-producer Matt Damon, director Kenneth Lonergan, friends and fellow nominee, Denzel Washington.

Affleck did not mention his two kids and it was something he could never live down. Within minutes of making his way backstage with his trophy, he got a phone call.

"My son said, 'You didn't even mention us.' And my heart just sank," Affleck admitted. He noted it would have been the most meaningful thing he did for his kids, but he failed at doing that. He shares 12-year-old Indiana and nine-year-old Atticus with his ex-partner Summer Phoenix.

Affleck won the Best Actor for his performance in "Manchester by the Sea" and it focused on him playing the role of a troubled man who lost his children. His character was then forced to care for his nephew after the child's father died.

This was the second nomination for Affleck but it's the first Oscar win for the actor. He also won Best Actor in a Motion Picture at the 2017 Golden Globes for the same movie.

More on the sexual harassment allegations, Entertainment Weekly reported the actor denied being involved since the report surfaced in 2010. Due to this issue, many took to Twitter to say Affleck did not deserve to win.

Some netizens believe people who commit sexual harassment should lose their jobs and not be honored in any way. Another called Affleck a sexual predator, while one sarcastically compared the actor to Trump, who was accused of sexual abuse. They said if he can become president, it would be fair for Affleck to win an Oscar.

Affleck has not commented on the backlash. Aside from Washington, Andrew Garfield was also nominated for the Best Actor plum for "Hacksaw Ridge," Ryan Gosling for "La La Land," and Viggo Mortensen for "Captain Fantastic."

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