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David Schwimmer Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign

Dads  5 April '17

David Schwimmer Fights For The Women In His Life, Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign

David Schwimmer, husband and dad to a 6-year-old-girl, realized most women in his life went through the harrowing experience of sexual harassment. So, he's fighting for them and all other women.

Casey Affleck

TV.Movie  28 February '17

Amid Casey Affleck's Best Actor Backlash, He Spills Regrets About Not Thanking Kids In Acceptance Speech

The "Manchester By The Sea" actor won at the recently held Academy Awards, but he forgot to mention his kids during his acceptance speech.

Scottish Labour Leader Launches 11p Scottish Tax Proposal

School  3 June '16

Prep School In New Hampshire Facing Sexual Assualt Charges Due To Tradition That Involves Sexual Conquest For Their Male Students

Parents are suing St. Paul School in New Hampshire because of their tradition that allows senior male students to have sexual relationships with younger female students in the school.

Harvard Ends Early Admission Policy

College Success  24 April '16

Education Trends: The Truth About College Acceptance Letters Will Shock You; It Involves Rape!

Here is an acceptance letter you wouldn't want to wish to receive for your child going to college.

General Election - Education

School  11 April '16

Sex Education Senate Bill Pending: Sex Ed Should Include LGBT Concerns And Be Medically Precise

Learn more details about this sex education bill and its potential benefits for the students.

Students Protest Tougher Action in Harrassment Case at UCLA

Teens/Young Adults  31 March '16

Prevalent Sexual Violence In Universities: Why Sexual Harassment Is A 'Culture Problem'

Learn more details about the prevalence of sexual harassment in universities and how it can be stopped.

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