Woman Dumps Baby Outside Hospital, Newborn Girl Left In The Cold Naked Has Down Syndrome

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 02, 04:00 am

A woman was caught on CCTV dumping a baby outside a hospital. The newborn girl was rescued from the cold by one of the doctors who was also recorded rushing to where she was after learning about her from the staff members. He also found out the baby has Down syndrome.

Dr. Zhalgas Usenhanov retrieved the infant who was left naked on the cold pavement of a hospital in Kazakhstan. The baby is currently fighting for her life at the intensive care unit.

The doctors assessed the baby's condition as "highly difficult" aside from having Down syndrome. Machines were connected to her tiny body to help her lungs work. "It seems that the baby spent more than an hour lying on the cement under a pouring rain," Usenhanov said, according to Mirror.

The police was brought in to investigate the incident and the authorities are now searching for the woman in the recorded footage. She was wearing a long hooded coat in an attempt to conceal her face.

Police assumed she is the baby's mother. If caught, she would be liable for abandoning a child, which is a criminal offense, according to Metro.

Some netizens judged the mother for her cruel act but one said no one has the right to condemn the mother. "Nobody knows what is going on in her life," a netizen said.

One observer, however, noted how only one person attempted to rescue the baby after she was dumped. "Everyone was buzzing about the baby and only one man dared running out of the building and actually doing something," the netizen said.

Babies born with Down syndrome experience different inherent medical problems including hearing loss, eye disease, heart defects and thyroid disease. This is a lifelong condition made manageable through therapy and early intervention programs. In most cases, however, children with Down syndrome will need assistance especially when they enter school, according to the CDC.

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