'Logan' 12-Year Old Star Dafne Keen Makes Her Mark In Hollywood, Solo 'X-Men' Movie Next?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 06, 04:00 am

"Logan," which stars Hugh Jackman in the titular character, swept the box office this weekend and viewers can't stop talking about Jackman's co-star, 12-year-old Dafne Keen. The Spanish-English actress made her debut as Laura (a.k.a. X-23) in this latest "X-men" installment. Will she star in a solo "X-men" movie next?

Keen, who is the bilingual daughter of British actor Will Keen and Spanish actress Maria Fernandez Ache, was only 10 when she was picked from 500 kids who auditioned for the part of the child who would be Wolverine's successor in the "X-men" franchise. Casting director Priscilla John described her as "extremely special" and could likely be the next Natalie Portman or Jodie Foster, per Vanity Fair.

"She's got extraordinary charisma. She's either going to be heading a huge international company, or she's going to be a big star when she grows up," John said. "Logan" director James Mangold described Keen as "incredibly gifted" and she made the job easier for those tasked to tell the story of young potential heroine.

"Logan" is Jackman's last movie as Wolverine after playing the X-men character for 17 years. Essentially with Keen's entry and Laura's character introduction, viewers believe that torch has been passed, per Bustle.

The casting director confirmed Fox already signed Keen up for more projects. It's unclear, however, if one of these projects involve a solo movie for her character. There has been a buzz about a new Wolverine franchise since Jackman announced his retirement as an X-men in 2016.

Meanwhile, 11-year-old Nayah Murphy served as Keen's stunt double for "Logan" and like Keen, she also impressed her adult co-stars. The five-time North American Sport Karate Champion was prodded by her mother, Stephanie Murphy, to submit an audition tape for the movie which landed her the stunt double part. By summer of 2016, Murphy started training and filming with Keen and Jackman in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and California, according to Fox 31.

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