More Kids Deliberately Ingesting Hand Sanitizers To Get Drunk, CDC Warns Parents

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has raised an alarm bell for parents regarding hand sanitizers. In a new report, the agency learned there were 70,669 cases of poisoning as a result of the product's misuse from 2011 to 2014. What's alarming is some of these cases were deliberate as the kids, especially teens and young adults, ingested the hand sanitizers in an attempt to get drunk.

The CDC studied the data from the National Poison Data System. The agency learned that about 92.4 percent of kids below 6-years-old have accidentally hurt themselves with improper use of hand sanitizers but 74 percent of kids have ingested the product, according to the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

A small but significant number of kids, however, were found to have ingested hand sanitizers on purpose and not by accident because they thought it would make them drunk. Hand sanitizers contain 92 percent alcohol, according to Forbes.

No one died from ingesting hand sanitizers, however, yet the CDC is still warning parents to be aware of what the kids are doing. The improper use of hand sanitizers can lead to irritation in the eye and mouth, pink eye, coughing, vomiting and stomach problems, per WCPO. In severe cases of poisoning, the children could become comatose or experience respiratory depression, which was what happened to seven children cited in the MMW report.

Hand sanitizer use is helpful in getting rid of germs especially when it's the flu season but with this report, it might make more sense to stick with regular soap and water for cleaning and washing. Parents are also advised to keep hand sanitizers in areas where little kids won't easily reach. Parents must also talk with their older children about the risks of ingestion.

Parents, do you use hand sanitizers at home? Do you leave this stuff in your car? Make sure to check your supply and consider the CDC warning and report.

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