Parenting With Technology: New Book Explores The 'Tech-Wise' Family — Is Yours One?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 08, 04:00 am

What is a tech-wise family and is yours one? A new book explores parenting with technology in the hopes of guiding moms and dads to raise children as conscientious and practical digital consumers.

Author Andy Crouch was inspired to write a book on parenting with technology after observing his home and himself. The self-confessed tech addict said his use of devices made him miss out on engaging his children and he realized it has to be dialed down.

"I really became concerned that not only was technology a problem for me but even more a potential problem for my children," Crouch said, according to WRAL. "So much that is developmentally essential happens in childhood, and you only get to be a child once," he added.

Crouch shares some ideas on how parents can make healthier choices about parenting with technology in his book, "The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place," which hits store shelves on April 4. It contains an in-depth research among families grappling with problems like screen time, internet use, safety and privacy concerns, as well as addiction to digital entertainment.

The book, however, doesn't simply touch on the basics and usual questions on how to incorporate technology in day-to-day living properly. The book also guides parents on raising children with character and wisdom amid the digital environment.

"It's our job to set boundaries for our children and help them regulate desires and anxieties that can easily get out of control," the author said. Crouch, who also wrote religious books before, offers Christ-centered recommendations in his book but he said the suggested strategy will also help non-Christian parents because digital addiction is a universal problem.

How much does technology play into your family's activities? Do you worry about raising children in this digital world? How do you cope with this new dynamics? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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