Casey Anthony Breaks Silence, Says She's Unsure What Happened To 2-Year-Old After Murder Allegations Acquittal

Casey Anthony, the mother of a two-year-old girl named Caylee who died years ago, recently broke her silence regarding the issue. Anthony, who was accused in the death of the child but was acquitted, said in a new interview that until now she does not know what happened to her little girl.

Following her acquittal in 2011, the Florida woman got candid for the first time in the latest interview about the matter. The interview was with the Associated Press but it was only an audio.

Anthony said she knows much of the world still believes she killed her daughter despite her acquittal because of lying to the cops. According to USA Today, she lied about a number of things such as her employment, leaving her child with a babysitter and receiving a call from her daughter before she went missing.

As per Anthony, her daughter was with her father when she went missing. The remains of the child were found months later in the woods near the home of Anthony. The cause of death was not determined but prosecutors said Anthony dumped her daughter's body and tried to resume her normal life, Chicago Tribune reported.

When Anthony was asked by the Associated Press about the theory that Caylee died from drowning and her death was covered up, she said she really does not know to this day what happened. She also said everyone has their own theory regarding her daughter's death.

One of the most recent theories regarding the death of Caylee was that of the judge who presided the case. The retired Florida judge said in a statement last week Anthony might have killed her daughter but not intentionally with the use of chloroform.

Anthony then said she does not care about what other thinks about her and she is okay with herself. She also revealed she sleeps "pretty good at night." Caylee would have been 12-years-old now and Anthony said her daughter would have been a "bad-ass." 

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