Parenting With Technology: Circle With Disney Encourages Better Gadget Use In Kids With Chores Or Fitness Rewards

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 10, 04:00 am

Is technology a big part of your household? Are you in support of parenting with technology and use innovations to your family's advantage? Here's something moms and dads might want as a digital assistant for their children.

Circle With Disney has recently launched new partners and features to improve the platform. This small but handy device, which was designed for better gadget use among kids, now offers rewards and incentives for children.

Circle With Disney initially had games and videos featuring well-loved and popular Disney characters for entertainment. As a smart family device, however, the platform recently introduced the "Circle Connections" apps so that it's now a full-fledged digital assistant, per Tech Crunch.

The device can work alongside Amazon's Alexa to synchronize schedules and screen time usage in children. Parents can limit social media use with the Circle app and there's also a feature that nudges kids to do physical activities as part of their daily goals, Forbes reported.

As for house chores, Circle With Disney, along with FamilyTech, has apps like MotherShp, ChoreMonster and Landra that option incentives for budding digital users. It allows parents to set rewards, such as additional online time, once the children are done with chores or other tasks.

Older kids and even parents can also benefit from the app's Connection section. It encourages defensive driving in teens because there's also a feature called Automatic that turns connections on and off when inside a vehicle. It eliminates the risks of texting while driving in teenagers.

It has been two years since the launch of Circles With Disney as a digital nanny watching over kids' activities on the internet, per Tech Hive. The app updates have converted the digital nanny into a digital assistant, thus maximizing the benefits of gadget use for children. Learn more about it in the video review below.

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