State Representative Files Texas Bill Against Men Equivalent To Abortion Bill; Males To Pay For Masturbation?

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 14, 07:29 am

On behalf of the women in Texas, State Representative Jessica Farrar proposed a new bill against males in an attempt to have the same restrictions compared to abortion. The new bill aimed to impose payment for males masturbating.

The bill wanted males to pay fines for masturbation. If approved, the bill also hoped to allow doctors to refuse Viagra prescription and required men to undergo medical rectal examinations before pushing through with vasectomy.

Farrar, however, said she knew the legislation will most likely not pass the state House and Senate. However, the public official said the reason behind the satirical bill was to let others think twice about the abortion restrictions. She said the bill aimed to also protect doctors who do not want to dispense Viagra or perform vasectomies.

More on Viagra and vasectomies, the bill proposed a man must wait 24 hours before the process will be done or before he gets a hold of the prescription. This mirrored the 24-hour waiting period for women planning abortions in Texas, NPR shared.

The satirical bill also had a section that geared towards men who seek health services. The bill proposed the use of a pamphlet called "A Man's Right to Know" and it should have medically accurate, complete, and objective information. Another section of the bill pertained to masturbation of men. It said the masturbation of men should be regulated and they should face fines because if the semen is not used for creating more human life, it is a wasted, Washington Post reported.

Meanwhile, Farrar recently spoke about the Texas law wherein abortion providers and women who receive abortion should bury or cremate the fetal remains of the unborn child. She shared many people find her proposed bill funny but she said what are not funny are the obstacles that Texas women have to face due to the restrictions regarding abortion.

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