'Wonder Woman' Star Gal Gadot Prepares For Baby's Arrival, Shares She's Grateful To The Universe

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 16, 04:00 am

Something else more exciting is happening for Gal Gadot before "Wonder Woman" comes to theaters this summer. The actress has been preparing for her baby's arrival and could pop her second child any time now.

Gadot, 31, recently shared a photo her pregnancy on Instagram. She revealed she's entering her ninth month and could not be more grateful to the universe for all the gifts.

With a fairly quiet and undocumented pregnancy on social media and the press, Gadot also said she'll soon be welcoming a "new lovepup" and addition to the family. She took a moment to reflect on this amid all the distractions of daily routines.

Gadot, who is married to hotelier Yaron Versano since 2008, has a daughter named Alma who was born last Sept. 2011. She and her husband announced her second pregnancy last November. The couple, however, has not announced the gender of the baby they are expecting.

Meanwhile, the actress shared her first born is excited about watching her on "Wonder Woman." Gadot said she's proud to be in a movie that shows little girls just like her daughter there are strong women role models. "It's always the princesses are being saved or being passive and finally Wonder Woman, she's fearless, she's proactive, she believes in herself," Gadot said, per Collider.

Gadot will also be featured in the upcoming two "Justice League" movies, which means she'll return to the set after giving birth. The actress admitted she had working mom guilt when Alma was little because she needed to travel for work a lot and it will happen again for her next movie commitments.

Her husband, who is 10 years older than her, reminded her she's showing she's a woman who follows her dreams and that's also a good role model for Alma. She told Glamour she has gotten better at handling mom guilt with that mindset.

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