Woman Carries Terminally-Ill Baby To Donate Child's Organs After Spending 36 Hours With Her

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 16, 04:00 am

Keri Young, a woman who decided to carry her terminally-ill baby, spoke out for the first time why she and her husband decided to keep the baby and continue with the pregnancy despite knowing their daughter will be gone when she will be welcomed to the world. Young said she wanted to develop the baby in order to save other babies' lives by donating the organs of her daughter.

Keri and her husband, Royce, will welcome their supposed to be second child in a few months but they will only spend at most 36 hours with her. Doctors diagnosed their unborn daughter, whom they named Eva, has anencephaly, a rare condition as an infant diagnosed with this will have a missing cortex of the brain. "She's gonna do more in her 24 hours or whatever than maybe we'll ever do in our lives. To be able to remember our daughter in that way is pretty powerful," Keri said in an interview with "Good Morning America."

The story of the couple became viral after Royce, a writer for ESPN, took to Facebook last February to talk about the situation of their daughter. The father said they could prepare for the delivery of the baby but nothing would prepare them once she is out in the world but just for a few hours her death is imminent.

In Royce's post, he uploaded a photo of his wife sleeping and said people might say they would not change anything if they were in the couple's situation but for him, he would change how the circumstances are by wishing his daughter to be perfect instead of having the deadly disease, People reported. the post was liked more than 53,000 times and shared over 22,000 times.

The couple also revealed they wanted to terminate the pregnancy but they realized they are the parents of the girl no matter how long she lives. They also said knowing about another family praying for a miracle to get a kidney donor or a lung donor played a compelling force to decide against the termination of the pregnancy, ABC News revealed.

Keri continued to reveal she questioned the existence of God after they knew about their daughter's condition. Royce added they considered how it would be so painful to let the baby go because she kicks like a normal baby while inside the womb of her mother but she will not survive long after the delivery.

Royce and Keri have an older child, a son. The couple did not reveal Keri's due date.

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