Florida 8-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter To Thief, Asks Burglar To 'Change And Be Good'

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 17, 04:00 am

An 8-year-old girl wrote a letter to the thief who ransacked their home in Florida on Feb. 13. Wendy Chay Son poured her heart in her message, asking the thief why he robbed their house and wishing the person to "change and be good."

Chay Son returned home from school with her mother Alberthina to find their home was broken into. Chay Son's father, Jose, was at work when the robbery happened.

Among the items stolen from the household included jewelry, two computers, cellphones, some clothes and shoes, and the tablet the 8-year-old used for her school assignments. The thief also took two piggy banks which had around $180, according to Palm Beach Post.

Upset, Chay Son was prompted to write the letter to put up by the window at their house. She wanted the thief to know what the person made a family sad.

"There are good kids and people in this house," the girl wrote, as per ABC 13. "We are people who do not steal. We are sad that you have been stealing in this house," Chay Son added.

She also asked the thief why resort to stealing and she offered she will teach the person to be nice. "I hope you will change and be good. God will forgive you," Son said in the letter.

Chay Son's mother said the house was their first-owned home since moving from Guatemala nine years ago. They have only been living in it for a month after moving from a rented house in Delray Beach. It was formerly a crack house before the Chay Sons moved in.

Neighbors opened a GoFundMe for the Chay Sons after learning about the robbery and it was there that the public got wind the 8-year-old girl's letter. The fundraiser aimed to raise $3,500 but it has now reached over $4,000 as of press time.

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