Boston Boy Losing Family Home Due To Molds Following Heart Transplant? Toddler Undergoes Acute Rejection Treatment

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 22, 12:39 pm

The family of a five-year-old Boston boy who waited for 211 days to get a heart transplant gave an updated about the child's situation. The boy started to undergo acute rejection treatment while his family expressed they could lose their home due to molds.

The boy, five-year-old Ari Schultz, received his donated heart last March 3 and stayed at the Boston Children's Hospital since December last year. The father of Ari, Mike Schultz, said his son is struggling because the child underwent operations and procedures for the whole week. During the procedures, Ari could not eat foods so it was one of the struggles the boy had to go through. The father posted the updates on his blog.

Ari had a serious congenital heart defect when he was born. He already had two correctable surgeries while his mother carried him in her womb. The parents of Ari welcomed him in 2012 and since then, he had three open-heart surgeries and 12 different procedures in an attempt to save his life before doctors placed him on the transplant list because doctors determined he suffered from congestive heart failure, Fox News reported.

Initially, the parents thought Ari was to go home last week but signs showed up regarding his body rejecting the new heart. Mike said his son wanted to go home already but the idea of going home just got a little further away.

More on their home, the family discovered they have mold growing in their home. He noted their home has to be torn down completely and it is one of the biggest problems they are facing as of the moment, Fox 25 WFXT shared.

The family created a GoFundMe page to ask for help in order to rebuild their home. They also asked for donations for materials to be used in the construction. The family added in their GoFundMe page they will be able to express their gratitude to those who will help one day but now, they have to "turn our attention back to Ari, keep the family together and build a new home for Ari to go to when he wins his terrible battle."

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