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Ari Schultz

Toddler  22 March '17

Boston Boy Losing Family Home Due To Molds Following Heart Transplant? Toddler Undergoes Acute Rejection Treatment

A five-year-old Boston Boy waited around seven months to get a heart transplant but now he is undergoing acute rejection treatment while his family is getting ready for the possibility that their home will be demolished.

Birmingham Women's Hospital Offers Technological Advances In Its Care

Infant  17 March '17

North Carolina Couple Receives Call Over Heart Donor For Their Daughter

A North Carolina couple just received a heart donor for their baby girl after their church offered prayers for her.

CBS RADIOs Third Annual We Can Survive 2015

Teens/Young Adults  25 October '16

Adam Levine Reposts His Teenage Fan's Cover Of 'She Will Be Loved' And It Is Now Going Viral

Teen's cover of She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 is now blowing up like crazy after Adam Levine responded to it.

SG50 National Day Jubilee Baby

Infant  29 February '16

Infant Gets Heart Transplant Just Days Before Cardiac Arrest; This Miracle Will Stun You

This baby got a miracle by having a successful heart transplant operation before cardiac arrest.

Zoe Jones

Toddler  20 February '16

Rare Procedure Strikes Toddler's Name Off Of Transplant List

A rare condition was treated by a rare procedure and managed to save a 3 year old toddler from having a double lungs and heart transplant.

Street children, Laos

Toddler  12 January '16

Heart Transplant Miracle Story: How A Boy's Death Saved A Girl's Life

A tragedy turns into miracle when a young girl received the heart of a little boy who passed away.

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