Child With Heart Disease Receives Life-Saving Medicine Thanks to Man who Drove Through Icy Road

Photo: (Photo : Evangelina's HLHS Journey / FB page)

The Padillas-Villegas family had been worrying over the condition of their 18-month-old child with heart disease. Their daughter Evangelina required anti-rejection medicine which is delivered, every month to the Drury Inn Hotel where Evangelina's dad, Rey works.  

Child with Heart Condition in Dire Need of Medicine

Severe weather conditions had already delayed the delivery of the medication for several days. They could not use emergency delivery via helicopter. On the day that Evangelina was to take the only remaining dose for her heart condition, the family received a call from the pharmacy clerk telling them the good news that they found someone to deliver the life-saving medicine.

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Pablo Pedraza had a family of his own. His wife and colleagues worried over his safety. He had an 11-year-old daughter waiting for him at home. The route from Houston to San Antonio where the Padilla-Villegas family waited already saw several road accidents and emergency services were coming to their rescue. Pedraza drove along the Interstate 10 seeing abandoned cars and car wrecks.

At 8PM, Pedraza arrived safely in San Antonio after a 197-mile trip, Express News reported. Evangelina's dad, Rey, personally thanked the delivery driver. "If he had not done this act, Evangelina would not have gotten her medication."

Evangelina's dad (left) with medicine for his daughter delivered by Pedraza (right)
(Photo : Evangelina's HLHS Journey/FB page)

Evangelina's dad wanted to give the driver a tip, which Pedraza refused saying he was just doing his job. Then, the dad took out his phone and showed Pedraza a photo of Evangelina who was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome or HLHS.

What is HLHS?

HLHS is a condition occurs in-vitro when the child's heart does not fully-develop during the first 8 weeks of the first trimester. The left side of the child's heart would often be smaller in size and underdeveloped. The child with heart disease is born with the condition of HLHS.

Congenital heart defects can be genetic in nature. Symptoms of children with HLHS include nails, skin, lips turning blue, pale skin, trouble breathing, fast heart rate, poor pulses, sweaty palms, cold feet, and even poor feeding, Standford Children's Health revealed.

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Evangelina's HLHS Journey

The Villegas family learned of their daughter's condition after a 19-week anatomy scan. Evangelina underwent heart transplant surgery at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. She continues to receive anti-rejection shots after the surgery. The shots are most vital for her as it keeps the child's body from attacking the donor's heart.

The family started the Facebook page Evangelina's HLHS Journey where they regularly update friends and family of their condition. The UPS driver Pedraza now follows Evangelina's journey as well and is a valued part of it. The family prayed for Pedraza's safety and requested that he text them when he arrives home safely. At 11PM, they received a text of his safe arrival.

Family Tests Positive for COVID-19

Towards the end of January, the family also received news that their eldest child tested positive for COVID-19. Evangelina also started showing symptoms of COVID. Eventually the family received news that the entire family tested positive for COVID. They continue to update their page of their condition which thankfully is not worsening.

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