Teenager Fears Going Home After Sexual Assault Broadcast On Facebook

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 24, 07:10 am

A Facebook Live video that showed a 15-year-old girl sexually assaulted resulted to the victim not wanting to go home, her mother confirmed. The girl reportedly received online threats and kids in her area joked about the matter.

The victim went missing on over the weekend and her mother only reunited with her after two days. The teen stayed with a relative and continue to live there due to the online threats and jokes made regarding the issue.

The 32-year-old mother of the teen expressed, "This is just disturbing and to think the kids think it is funny." She added she felt shocked because of the callousness of the teenager who thought the incident is a laughing matter, Time reported.

Around 40 people viewed the Facebook Live video and none of them reported it to the authorities. Police said they questioned a number of people but they have no suspect yet. The attack involved the victim and five or six males. The girl knew one of her attackers. Authorities asked Facebook to take down the video and they complied with the request.

Police department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi also said they started to investigate the claims of the mother that the victim received threats and harassments. They did not provide other details.

Police only knew of the attack on Monday when the mother of the victim went to the police and said her daughter was missing. She then showed authorities screen captures of the assault that the victim's friends forwarded to her mother. In the video, the girl struggled to get away while one of the attackers pulled her to a bed, Chicago Tribune revealed.

Police found the teen shortly but details about how they found her or where they found her remained unclear. Authorities took the girl to a hospital but she was too scared to let anyone touch her.

This was the second incident that involved Facebook Live. Earlier this year, authorities arrested four people after they streamed the beating of a mentally disabled man.

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