Man Raises Funds To Help Popeye's Employee Go Back To School

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 27, 11:52 am

An act of kindness led to a stranger being one step closer to her dream of becoming a nurse. A man helped a female Popeye's employee to go back to school by raising funds for her online.

The man, identified as Don Carter from Kansas City in Missouri, waited for his dinner at the drive-thru window of the fast food. He then struck a conversation with the woman manning the window. The conversation suddenly touched on the subject of the Popeye's employee telling Carter she wanted to earn a degree.

Carter recounted, "I said, 'Oh, go back to school for what? 'Tbe a nurse,' [she said]. And I was like, 'What kind of nurse?' And she said 'It doesn't even matter.'" The man said he saw a spark and the potential in the employee. He then drove home and said while he ate his dinner, he could not stop thinking about the female employee, who's also from Kansas City, Missouri, and how he can help her.

The man did some research on the matter and found a certified nurse assistant license cost $1,500. Carter said he thought that was possible because he had more than 1,300 friends. He created a GoFundMe page for his project and asked 300 of his friends to donate $5 each, Cliq 2 Houston reported.

He then woke up the next morning and saw the donations surpassed the $1,500 goal. He raised more than $3,785 in total. Carter said a person taking the risk of doing something good for somebody else is where life has its joy. He added if people started to treat each other that way it would be a better place to live in, NBC4i shared.

Carter said the employee has no idea about the funding. He will tell her about it soon but he did not reveal any of his plans yet.

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