Nausea During Pregnancy: Eat Or Avoid These Foods To Deal With Morning Sickness

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 29, 04:00 am

Most pregnant moms struggle in the first few months of pregnancy because of nausea and morning sickness. There are ways, however, to lessen or control the vomiting. A pregnant woman will need to carefully choose the foods she eats and avoids.

Miriam Erick, a nutritionist who authored four books on food and diet, suggests for pregnant moms to learn to be in tune with their body's cravings, especially if they are prone to hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) or severe morning sickness. Erick picks this as her best advice for pregnant moms when it comes to eating: "If your body is telling you that it wants something, then just eat whatever that is," according to Herald Tribune.

A pregnant mom with HG might turn to ginger tea for relief but Erick says this won't stop the vomiting and would only cause dry and irritated throat. If fluids make a pregnant mom feel worse, Erick says to store watermelon or grape cubes in the freezer as an alternative to liquid. These fruits are good for hydrating the body as well.

It's also convenient to keep a stash of salty crackers right beside the bed so a pregnant mom can nibble these as soon as she wakes up in the morning. "An empty stomach ups nausea," Erick said, as per Fit Pregnancy.

Speaking of nibbles, the expert advises eating foods slowly and in small amounts and portions. It's also better to eat frequently than to have one big meal.

Avoid foods with a strong odor as its smell might trigger vomiting. A pregnant mom who cooks regularly might want to stay away from the kitchen for the first trimester.

Avoid fried and fatty foods as these are hard to digest and could cause stomach upset that will make morning sickness worse. These include foods like fried chicken or premium ice cream, Dr. Sears noted.

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