What Is A Parenting Marriage And Why Is It Better Than Divorce?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 30, 04:00 am

As the world changes, the facets of marriage also change. Today's partnerships don't have to be romantic and some people are fine with this. Such an arrangement is called a parenting marriage and some also say it's better than divorce.

A parenting marriage is when two people who have kids decide to stay together even if they no longer have strong romantic feelings or physical attraction for each other. Some 78 percent of romantic-less partnerships have this arrangement, according to Psychology Today.

Some partners also stay in a parenting marriage while they figure out the next steps with their husband or wife. Their focus remains on raising the kids despite their issues with each other.

Partners choose a parenting marriage over a divorce or a separation because it's economically feasible. There's also no need to settle physical custody or endure court battles. The children also grow up under the love, guidance and stability of having their parents in one and the same house.

Those in a parenting marriage said their relationship with their partner became a lot better after letting go of the romantic and sexual expectations. They fought less, enjoyed family dinners more and frequently went out as a family.

Several studies already explained how children develop better as adults if they see their parents in a stable, consistent, kind and conflict-free relationship with each other, according to The Guardian. None of these studies showed the kids need to see their parents in love. What's more important is for the children to see their parents treating each other well.

A parenting marriage might be unconventional but given how more than half of marriages end in the divorce, this arrangement might be the better option for the children. Do you subscribe to the idea of a parenting marriage? Do you know of someone in one? We'd love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments section below!

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