Authorities Find Nebraska Child Under Day Care Provider Positive With THC Following Marijuana Exposure

Authorities found a child from Hickman, Nebraska to have THC in her system, a substance commonly found in marijuana. They said a child care provider might be responsible.

The staff of a hospital called Bryan East Campus in Lincoln called Lancaster County Sheriff's Office to report a child, a two-year-old female, about being lethargic. The parents of the girl took her there due to being sleepy and not acting normally earlier this week, Washington Post shared.

Doctors told them she suffered from exposure to the substance. Due to this, the day care provider who took care of the child, Michelle Nicklas, underwent investigation. Sheriff Terry Wagner said after interviewing Nicklas, they found out she baked marijuana brownies over the weekend for the birthday party of a friend. She then used the same pan to bake cookies for the kids.

They charged Nicklas of misdemeanor child abuse. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services also issued the closure of the day care for an unknown period of time. The department issued her licenses to operate in the past.

Police said they do not know if Nicklas washed the pans before using them again. They urged parents of the children under her care to have their kids tested for the presence of THC in their system. In the day care, Nicklas had 10 children under her care. Eight of them are preschool and tow are school-age children. They believed one more child showed signs of THC exposure, Lincoln Journal Star said.

The investigation continued as authorities took some of the cookies the kids ate. They did not find marijuana at the home that served as a day care. State health and human services investigators worked to determine if she violated state child care regulation.

The child's parents did not comment on the matter. Do you think the child care provider violated any state child care regulation? Let us know what you think. Meanwhile, below is another news report about marijuana plants found behind a day care center and it happened six months ago.

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