Man Meets His Bone Marrow Recipient Months After Child's Mother Posts Plea On Facebook

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald April 03, 06:48 am

In February, the mother of a boy who received a bone marrow donation from a man they never met posted a plea on Facebook about any information regarding the person who saved their son's life. Just recently, the boy met the donor.

The doctors of the boy, Jack Shaw, told his parents he would only live for 10 years due to the diagnosis that he had Hurler Syndrome. Experts described Hurler syndrome as a rare disease related to metabolism wherein a person cannot break down long chains of sugar molecules called glycosaminoglycans. In most cases, such condition resulted to damage in one's organs and tissues, Be The Match revealed.

One of the few ways to help save a person with such condition is through bone marrow transplant. The man who gave up his bone marrow, James Evans, donated it in 2013.

The mother of Shaw, Nadine Pullen, took to Facebook just this February to ask for help so she and her family could personally thank Evans. She shared on her video they talked with Evans but knew little to no detail about him since the process regarding donation had to be as anonymous as possible.

Pullen added, "All we've been told is that he's from Wales and was 25 years old when he gave his bone parrow two years ago." Shaw, now three years old, underwent the bone marrow transplant procedures in December 18, 2014.

They contacted Evans before via the charity Anthony Nolan and they can only talk or get more information about the donor two years after the bone marrow transplant procedure. The charity tried to locate Evans since December of last year.

Pullen also told her viewers Evans sent them a birthday car during the second birthday of their son and expressed he would like to meet the recipient of his bone marrow one day. Shaw's mother said maybe the donor changed his mind on meeting their son or maybe he just changed his address. They then left an email address to see if anyone would contact them.

The details remained unclear regarding how they got connected. Shaw, Pullen and his father Kieron travelled to Welsh Blood Service headquarters last March 10 to meet with Evans. Pullen became emotional and told Wales Online she cannot put into words the happiness they felt during the meeting. She said Evans felt like a part of the family and the connection between Jack and her donor was amazing as their child even danced and sang for Evans.

Shaw gave Evans a thank you card. Evans, on the other hand, gave the child a Power Ranger and a Welsh rugby top.

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