Trump Administration Cuts Funds For A U.N. Family Planning Agency

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald April 05, 11:50 pm

Recent reports said that the Trump administration is bound to withhold $32.5 million funding for United Nations Population Fund. Based on the claims, UNFPA supported a Chinese government's family program requiring its people to perform abortions and sterilizations.

Reports emerged that the Trump administration will cut most of its funding for family planning and maternal health. The decision emerged after UNFPA reportedly supported a Chinese government and their laws on abortion and sterilization. Though the Trump administration already stood their ground in regards to the issue, the United Nations mentioned that this allegation regarding UNFPA's support for the Chinese government is not true.

It was already expected that the Trump administration will decrease their funding but several agencies expressed their dismay. The supporters of the reproductive health program pointed out that their objections would start from the recent administration's memorandum of Justification, according to NPR.

"There is no evidence that UNFPA directly engages in coercive abortions or involuntary sterilizations in China but asserted that that the agency continues to partner with China's national family planning agency on family planning," the memorandum read. "And thus can be found to support, or participate in the management of China's coercive policies."

United Nations' spokesman, Stephane Dujarric has already predicated the funding loss could potentially have a negative impact on women and young girls around the world. He also added that the decrease in funding could place most women in a devastating condition.

The supporters of the reproductive health program felt disappointed with the changes and the de-funding as it has a chain reaction that can affect several generations. Another angle that prompted the defunding was the Trump administration's re-imposition though an executive action pushing for the ban of international family groups to perform an abortion.

The recent administration received backlash in January 2017 after Donald Trump signed the anti-abortion executive order, according to Huffington Post. The administration remained under fire after different reports emerged that he would be cutting educational funds as well.

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