Prince William Does This Parenting Trick All The Time And Dads Are Free To Steal It!

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 07, 04:00 am

If there's one notable thing about Prince William, apart from being a royal, is that he's a doting and involved father. The second-in-line to the British throne has some effective parenting tricks up his sleeves that other dads might as well steal from the Duke of Cambridge.

When Prince William relates to Prince George, who is almost 4-years-old, and Princess Charlotte, who is almost 2-years-old, he makes sure he's talking to his children on the eye level. The public sees Prince William do this many times, where he squats down in front of the royal tots and engages them.

This parenting trick is called the active listening technique, as per Marie Claire. Parents squatting down to talk to their small kids so that they can have eye-to-eye contact shows the children how much their parents value them.

Active listening is the mark of a caring parent, as per Center for Parenting Education. The gesture allows a mom or dad to create a secure relationship with the child, which will also build the foundation for other skills the child learns and carries over as an adult.

"Kneeling down is really important when an adult wants to communicate with a child, coming down to their level makes them feel more comfortable," child care expert Kristen Harding said, as per OK! Each time Prince William sits down to Prince George's level, he's essentially telling his child he has his father's full attention and what the child has to say matters.

Aside from the emotional connection, however, a parent crouching to a child's level when talking also helps the child develop speech and language skills. "They can see your mouth and movements and learn to mimic how you are speaking," Harding said.

Have you tried this parenting trick with your kids? Talk to us about it in the comments section below!

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