7-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Appeals To Stop War: 'World Doesn't Do Anything'

By OIivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 07, 09:13 pm

A seven-year-old Syrian refugee who flee from the dangers of East Aleppo reached out to the world and pleaded to help the victims of war. The brave kid hoped for the conflict to stop, and said that it can be ended if everyone help in saving them.

Bana Alabed expressed her sadness over the recent attack in Syria where citizens, including children, suffered and died from a chemical gas assault. “A lot died and no one helped them,” Alabed told CNN News Day in an online interview.

The girl has became the face of war-torn Syria after showing bravery despite their families tumultuous conditions. Last year, she used Twitter as an avenue to raise awareness of the deaths and destruction happening in Aleppo, real-time. Her mother, Fathema Alabed, handles her Twitter account.

Turkish Health Ministry says rebels used a deadly chemical, sarin, in the Northern part of Syria as per, New York Times. Sarin, a nerve agent, is a banned chemical weapon typically used for mass destruction.

Alabed also said that she hoped the children of Syria can “play and go to school and live in peace.” However, she added that the world is merely watching and “doesn’t do anything.”

The chemical attack in northwestern Syria was by far one of the worst savagery to happen in the nation’s six years of being under conflict. Suspects of the assault were not identified but the Syrian government has been accused of the responsibility.

Alabed thought so. When the seven-year-old was asked if she thought that it was Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who ordered the attack, she simply replied yes.

Over 80 people, with at least 30 children included, were killed by the atrocity, Daily Mail reported. Abdul Hamid al-Yousef, one resident of the besieged city of Idlib, survived his wife and nine-month-old twin children. He watched all of his 22 relatives laboredly gasp for life, until they finally succumbed to death.

The father was seen bawling over the graves of his lost family, with his cold children tucked in the warmth of his arms, and hand stroking their heads. “Say goodbye, baby say goodbye,” he whispered in tears. “My children. My children. They were beautiful.”

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